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The shooting sport we enjoy and practice at ENGC can trace its linage to the early days in Switzerland where citizens were issued a rifle and pistols, maintained it at home, and, when threatened, reported for duty with it to protect their Cantons.  The citizen kept the same rifle and pistol for most of their adult life, and qualified as a marksman with it each year.  The annual qualification was recognized and celebrated by the grateful community.


Today there are shooting clubs and associations around the world that ban together to honor this tradition and set qualification standards and receive impressive annual qualification medals.  At ENGC we are in close association with the primary Swiss Shooting Federation and a major Canadian Association for qualification standards.  We also welcome all shooters, can arrange for loaner rifles and pistols, ammunition, and provide instruction.  At the end of the season we have a greatly anticipated awards banquet attended by the shooters and their families.

2017 Swiss Pistol Match Results
2017 Swiss Pistol Results
You will need about 50 rounds of ammunition.  Any service pistol (semi-auto or revolver), foreign or domestic may be used.  A partial listing of manufactures include: Beretta, S&W, Springfield, Sig, Glock, Ruger, Mauser, Colt, Remington, FN, Kimber, Les Baer, Webley, Walther, Tokarev, etc.


2016 Rifle Qualification Match Dates
All matches at ENGC 600 yard range, 300 meter line on Saturdays.



Swiss military rifles only:  These are the M1889, M1911, K-31, PE-57, STG-90 (Sig 551-A1, Sig 556, etc.).  Calibers for above rifles only: 7.5 Swiss, .308 Win, 30-06, and .223 (5.56mm).  Normally, 60 rounds of ammunition per match is sufficient.


Course of Fire Details:  Course of fire will depend on match sponsor (Swiss or Canadian), but should be close to the following:
– Slow fire Swiss (10 minutes) – 6 rounds from magazine.
– Slow fire Swiss-Canadian (15 minutes) – 10 rounds from magazine. may require reload of magazine).
– Time fire Swiss (1 minute) – 6 rounds from magazine.
– Rapid fire Swiss (30 seconds) – 6 rounds from magazine.


Firing Position:
– Prone position only
– Target distance: All firing will be from 300 meters.


– Sighters will be allowed (unlimited sighters in 10 minutes), fired from the magazine.


– Targets are silhouette camouflaged military (Swiss) or international 300 Meter Bull (Swiss-Canadian).
– Pits for scoring will be utilized.


– Individual quantification scores are by age grouping.


Shooting Aids:
– ***Shooting/Safety glasses and ECI are mandatory (ENGC range rules).***
– Hearing protection, cloves, coats, slings are recommended.    – Coaching is allowed and experienced shooters go to great lengths to assist new shooters to qualify.
– Sandbags (for use in fromt of magazine only) or backpack, or other rest that simulates a military pack, tree branch, etc. is highly recommended.  For Swiss-Canadian, rests are not permitted for shooters 59 years and younger.  Bi-Pods for STG-90 type rifles permitted in Swiss-Canadian Match.
– Butt of stock may not have other than the shoulder to rest on.
– NO optical sights, but spotting scopes or binoculars are HIGHLY recommended.


    – “Shooters may bring equipment to the line, but not rifles” = Bring all your equipment to the line including ammo, but NOT your rifle (rifle should have an ECI in it already).
“Rifles to the line” = Persons located in the pits will move to the cat-walk.  Targets half-mast, pit officer declares to the line…..“pits sealed” (ENGC range rule).
– Bring rifle to the line, but keep the ECI ion, rifle unloaded, mag out, may sling up, no dry fire.  (ENGC range rule).
“1-minute preparation begin” = On the firing line, remove ECI, may dry fire, no ammo in rifle, may put mag in rifle if unloaded (ENGC range rule).  In the pit, targets raised full up.  (if rapids, targets down at end of 1 minute prep – command will come from the line).
“30-seconds” = May chamber loaded mag, but no fire (Disqualified if round(s) are fired).
“15-seconds” = May chamber round, but no fire (Disqualified if round(s) are fired).
“Commence Firing” = Rapid Fire – On the firing line, may fire for record.  In the pit, targets up until time is up.  Slow Fire, on the firing line, fire one round and wait for score after each round.
“Cease Fire” = Stop firing, unload all ammo and mag from rifle, insert ECI.  (ENGC Range rule).
“Remove rifles from the line” = Remove rifle (with ECI inserted) from the line.  Pits unsealed when all rifles are off the line (ENGC range rule).


ECI = Empty Chamber Indicator


For match programs see: http://www.highpowerinnebraska.com/Pages/ENGCSwissRifle.aspx

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