Eastern Nebraska Gun Club

About ENGC

Currently these are the facilities available:

  • 600 yd Rifle Range with covered shooting stations, target pits, carriers, and 200 and 300 yd firing points for HP Rifle matches, and Silhouette facilities at various distances for a variety of matches.
  • 300 yd/meter multi-purpose range with covered shooting area and with berms a various ranges. This range is open to members from 7am  to 10pm or dusk.  The 100 yard range hours are published in the monthly news letter, it is dependent when a range officer is on duty, normally 8AM.
  • 100 yd/meter multi-purpose range with covered shooting area and 50 yd/meter berm. Use of this range is currently restricted to league or match events, and to open shooting only when a Range Officer is present.
  • Trap range.
  • A 50 yd range with covered firing points and a pistol complex with several separated 25 yd ranges suitable for short-range shooting, pistol and Cowboy Action matches.
  • Land for future expanded activities.


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The range is open year round. You, as a member of the club are part owner and have access to the grounds at all times. Shooting can only be done from dawn to dusk. There may be times when work is going on and one or more of the ranges is temporarily closed, or there might be a match in progress. When this is the case we generally try to have one of the ranges open for shooting.


We have various activities going on through the year. We have several types of shooting matches and during the Fall we sponsor Hunter Sight-In days before deer season. We also work with several people on the state Hunter Safety Program and have some youth events.


Each month there is a General Membership Meeting that is open to all members. We meet the third Tuesday of the month at the Tangier’s Shrine, 84th and Center Street in Omaha, at 7 pm. All official business is conducted there by consensus of the members. We cannot vote on an item unless we have a quorum of members present. Anyone may make a motion or voice an opinion. This is your Club. There is a monthly Newsletter which contains the Minutes of the Board and Club meetings, has range and match schedules, and other items of importance and interest to members.


We encourage you to participate in the operations of the club on the various committees necessary to the function of a large club. We also have a need for people to help monitor safety and help maintain range property. We are constantly working on improving the facilities.


Members may take up to 3 shooting guests for a Guest Fee of $5 per guest per visit. Guest fees are paid to the Range Officer on duty or mailed to the club Treasurer in pre-addressed envelopes provided at each range. The member’s spouse or children under age 21 may accompany the member and shoot at no charge. The member must remain with the guests at all times.


Thank you for your interest in the Eastern Nebraska Gun Club. We have been actively promoting gun safety and the enjoyment of shooting since 1962. Our range is located east of Louisville, NE on State Highway 66. The address is 12700 Nebraska 66, Louisville, NE. (See map)

  • The 600 yard range is closed UFN.

    ENGC Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
    Next ENGC Board of Directors Meeting: 6pm, 16 Jan 2018.

    Next ENGC General Membership Meeting: 7pm, 16 Jan 2018.

    Check the Range Schedule (link below) before heading out to the range!

    “The ENGC is an NRA and CMP Affiliated club.”



See the ENGC Range Schedule for details.
2018 ENGC Range Schedule v2