Eastern Nebraska Gun Club

Match Basics

Below will be links to some basics for the matches that are held at ENGC. If you are one of the match directors please write up a brief description of the match you are hosting and send it to the webmaster address below. A couple of pictures will be OK to.



See the 2016 ENGC Range Schedule v14 for details or the Calendar of Events.

  • The 600 yard range is closed UFN.

    ENGC Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
    Next ENGC Board of Directors Meeting: 6pm, 19 Dec 2017.

    Next ENGC General Membership Meeting: 7pm, 19 Dec 2017.

    Check the Range Schedule (link below) before heading out to the range!

    “The ENGC is an NRA and CMP Affiliated club.”



See the ENGC Range Schedule for details.
2017 ENGC Range Schedule v17