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Membership Information

Please read the entire page before emailing or calling. Michael Phan currently handles all membership and renewal issues, as well as takes changes of address for current members. Michael can be reached by phone at 402-301-5110 or by email at engcmem@cox.net.   Please call after 8:00am but not later than 9:00pm.


Members who did not renew during the 30 grace period, (by Nov. 30 of the calendar year) are dropped from the ENGC roster and must pay the $120 penalty in addition to the annual dues to be reinstated in the club.
Current members click here for a renewal for =>: Renewal 2017-18.  (Download the file to fill it out.)


Current NRA expiration date proof must be submitted for all annual NRA members. If your NRA card has an expiration date then you need to mail in proof of NRA membership with renewals annually. Mail the late renewal to Michael Phan at 2003 Petersen Dr., Papillion, NE 68046.

To pre-register and apply for membership, the following MUST BE ACCOMPLISHED:

  1. Download and fill out application, do not sign or date the application this will be done after you receive your briefing by ENGC personnel showing you attended the briefing and understand the club rules.

2017 New Member Application <—-Click

  1. Make photocopy of your NRA card, or magazine label, or printout out the email from the NRA. ENGC is a NRA club and all members are required to be in good standing with the NRA per our by-laws


  1. Make photocopy of your ID showing date of birth (must be 21 and US citizen)


  1. Make photocopy of your background check – Accepted background checks include NE or IA purchase permits from Local Police or county Sheriff’s office; CCWs reciprocal/accepted by the State of Nebraska; FFL; State or Federal background check stating you can own/possess modern firearms without restrictions on applicant’s 2nd Amendment Rights. Active duty military and LE IDs count as a proof of background check. NOTE: Photocopying Military ID’s is prohibited per regulations, ID’s will need to be shown at the briefing.


  1. Submit unsigned not dated application and photocopied credentials to ENGC Membership either through the US Postal Service to the address on the New Member Application form or scan the documents and submit them electronically via email to the email address on the New Member Application form


  1. Await a response from ENGC Membership. All applications are reviewed and an email is sent to the applicant with a briefing date if accepted. IF you do not receive an email, ENGC has not received your application.  Applications which require corrections or additional information will be returned or the applicant notified.

All applications (unsigned, not dated) and photocopied credentials for new members must be sent in not later than 3 days prior to the scheduled induction meeting or briefing. It is advisable to submit applications as early as possible due to briefing dates filling up quickly.  See Briefing Schedule below for available dates.



1/17/2017 2/21/2017 3/21/2017 4/18/2017 5/16/2017 6/20/2017
Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed
7/18/2017 8/15/2017 9/19/2017 10/17/2017 11/21/2017 12/19/2017
Open Open Open Open Closed Open


Briefings take place on the third Tuesday of the month (Unless otherwise noted, see posted schedule above). ENGC fees and dues are established on a quarterly rate and will be reduced as such during the shooting season.  The table sets the month you join and the fee during that month. Example: if you join in Mar you would pay the $120 induction fee (all new Members) and $90 in dues for a total of $210. Your membership would then be good until 31 October of the calendar year. All memberships end 31 Oct of the calendar year.  See table below:

Briefing Months Induction Fee Price Dues Price Total Price
Oct – Dec $120 $120 $240
Feb – Mar $120 $90 $210
Apr– Jun $120 $60 $180
Jul – Sep $120 $30 $150


Prior Members:  Pro-rated dues only applies to NEW members, prior members will not receive the prorated dues when reapplying for membership and have to pay the penalty and dues in full.


Where: Tangier Shrine Hall, 2823 S. 84th St., Omaha, NE  68124


When: 6:45 pm. Sign in on the sign in sheet next to your name and receive our information package. Briefing will take place after the regularly scheduled monthly meeting. Regular monthly meeting starts at 7:00 pm. Induction briefing time is approximately 30 minutes.  All applications will be processed after the briefing and club ID cards issued. No shows result in being moved to the end of the list for membership in the club.


Membership Requirements: Our bylaws require the following; NRA Membership, background check, (ability to pass a Federal background check proving eligibility to own/possess firearms with no restrictions or loss of 2nd Amendment rights), and be a US Citizen age 21 or older.  You must present proof of these when applying for membership along with your application before the induction briefing. Not having any of these will delay a membership with ENGC.  Please get this ahead of time.


We are an NRA Club. Membership in the NRA is mandatory – Current annual cost for an NRA annual membership is $40 per year. Proof of NRA membership includes any one of the following: NRA Membership card, magazine label, or email from NRA. Anyone can join the NRA, Renew or Extend their NRA membership through this following NRA hyperlink. The ENGC receives financial benefit/commissions from the NRA as the ENGC is a NRA Recruiter Club.


Background checks accepted:

Nebraska (or Iowa) Firearm Purchase Certificate/Permit
Federal Firearms License (FFL)
Police Background Check
Active Duty Military ID or Active Law Enforcement ID
Current CCW License


ID cards: Driver’s license or state ID cards, military ID, LE ID…NOTE: All military applicants are prohibited from copying their ID cards. Please present this at the meeting.


Payment: Credit Card, check, cash, or money order. We now have provisions for accepting credit cards for membership/induction fee payments. Members will be charged 3% for credit card transactions.  Make checks payable to Eastern Nebraska Gun Club or ENGC. Payment is for the full amount of membership and induction fee (prorated dues and the induction fee), there will be a $25 service fee on checks returned for insufficient funds.


Range Tours:  Presently there are no provisions for a guest tour of the range. Please see About ENGC, and/or Satellite View powered by Google or visit a match at ENGC.


Prohibited Firearms Include but are not limited to: Rifles chambered for the 50 caliber BMG or those using necked up/down 50 BMG casings are prohibited.


Ranges for selective fire/bump firing: Are clearly marked where authorized. Class III weapons owners must present paperwork to the on-duty Range Officer when shooting on our ranges.

Prohibited Ammunition: We do not allow the following ammunition: tracer, armor piercing, armor-piercing incendiary, penetrator, or any type of explosive rounds. Steel core ammo can be shot at paper targets only and is not to be shot at silhouette beams, or gongs. Full metal jacket rounds are okay for target and competition firing. You must use “trap” loads on the trap range in sizes 7-1/2 or 8 shot only.


ENGC Safety Test:  Click the link to take the ENGC Safety Test, required for all current members; new applicants do not have to take the safety test.   Click Here —> ENGC Safety Test

  • ENGC Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
    Next ENGC Board of Directors Meeting: 6pm, 21 Nov 2017.

    Next ENGC General Membership Meeting: 7pm, 21 Nov 2017.

    Check the Range Schedule (link below) before heading out to the range!

    “The ENGC is an NRA and CMP Affiliated club.”



See the ENGC Range Schedule for details.
2017 ENGC Range Schedule v17