Eastern Nebraska Gun Club

Safety Training


These Procedures shall govern the handling of any incident involving serious injury to a Member (or guest of a Member) while on the premises of the ENGC.  Fundamental to the treatment of any emergency incident is the requirement that all ENGC personnel remain calm and act with good common sense.


You are responsible for the behavior and safety of your family and guests at the range.  The $5 guest fee must be paid for each shooting guest who is not a member of the immediate family, or family members over age 21, excluding the spouse of the member. Members may bring no more than 3 shooting guests each visit. There are no guest fees for anyone under the age of 21.


Obey all Range Rules and Range Officer directions.


No driving off the roads on any of the ranges except when authorized by the Match Director or Range Officer.


Muzzle Control

  • Projectile escape is one of our greatest dangers.
  • Inadvertent discharge and an uncontrolled muzzle will contribute to this hazard.
  • Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  • Always handle a gun as if it is loaded.


Authorized Targets

Shoot only at authorized targets.

Unapproved targets include;

  • tires
  • trash cans
  • glass
  • the in-ground target holders
  • the large number boards (1-15) on the north end of the 600 yard range
  • steel beams for silhouette stands


Target Placement

  • Do not fire at any object or target which might cause a ricochet.
  • Targets placed at or near ground level are not authorized without a proper backstop.
  • You must maintain the proper target height to ensure that the projectile hits the desired portion of the berm after passing through the target.



  •  No alcohol consumption before or during shooting.
  • All weapons and ammunition should be stowed before consuming alcohol.
  • The safety of the club members and our guests is the number one priority.



  • No tracer or armor piercing ammunition is allowed.
  • In the past, tracer ammunition has caused fires at the range.
  • For safety reasons armor piercing or steel core ammo should not be fired at any steel targets, this would include the gongs and the target rails
  • Clean up all brass and steel cartridge cases (except .22 rimfire), dispose of all trash, and remove items brought to the range.



  • No guns based on .50 BMG ammunition.
  • Bump fire, simulated auto and legal full autos (class 3 weapons) are allowed on pistol bays 5, 6, 7.
  • Class 3 weapon owners be ready to show the range officer the documentation for your firearm.
  • Loaded firearms on an active firing line only.
  • Loaded firearms are not permitted on any other part of ENGC property.
  • Exemption; Concealed carry by permit holders is allowed on the range.
  • Concealed weapons must remain concealed unless on an active firing line.
  • No Hunting on range property.
  • When anyone is down range, do not handle firearms or any equipment on the benches, or be in the firing line/bench area where firearms are present.
  • Know where others are on the range at all times.
  • During a cease fire, remove any magazines, completely unload all firearms, open the actions, and ground or bench all firearms.
  • The use of Empty Chamber or Open Bolt Indicators is highly recommended.


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  • ENGC Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

    Next ENGC Board of Directors Meeting: 6pm, 16 May 2017.

    Next ENGC General Membership Meeting: 7pm, 16 May 2017.

    Check the Range Schedule (link below) before heading out to the range!

    “The ENGC is an NRA and CMP Affiliated club.”



See the ENGC Range Schedule for details.
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