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The W4G holds Rimfire Sporter rifle, Rimfire/Centerfire bullseye style pistol , and Vintage Military rifle matches.  Matches are held at the 100 yard range, and are shot at 25/50 & 100 yards.  Entry fees are set low, usually $5.00, and general rules are relaxed somewhat to allow anyone that shows up to shoot.  Safety is the only rule we don’t bend.  All ages of shooters participate, and we try to have at least one extra firearm available if someone would like to give it a try.


Rimfire Sporter matches are based on the CMP Rimfire Sporter rules.  This is an excellent, economical way to get involved in target shooting.  We always have someone on hand who can help you with a problem and offer advice to get you started.  A spotting scope or binocular and shooting mat is recommended.  A piece of carpet or an old sleeping bag can be used as a shooting mat.  Matches are shot prone, sitting or kneeling, and offhand (standing).  Targets are at 25/50/100 yards depending on the match.  If you can’t shoot positions anymore, you will not be alone.  You will still be allowed to shoot the match.   http://www.odcmp.com/Comm/Rimfire.pdf   Rimfire Sporter rifles are as basic as a magazine fed plinker, and may be scoped.  You should have extra magazines, and a sling.  Rimfire Sporter is affordable, and good training to move up to Centerfire target matches.  It takes around 70 rounds to complete a match, including sight-in.  Matches have typically lasted a couple of hours.


Pistol matches are based on CMP National Match Service Pistol rules.  Targets are shot at 25 and 50 yards.  We allow most any 5 shot reloadable, revolver or pistol.  A spotting scope, or binocular is recommended.  A Ruger .22 pistol is a good entry level rimfire pistol, and most all brands offer something in that class.  You should have several extra magazines for your pistol.  Matches consist of a combination of timed slow fire and rapid fire, and are shot from the standing position.  It takes around 60 rounds to complete a match, including sight-in.  Matches have typically lasted a couple of hours.


Vintage military rifle matches are shot at 100 yards.  They are open to all iron sighted, wood stocked, military rifles providing they are safe to shoot.  A spotting scope and shooting mat are recommended, we allow shooting coats and slings.  We also allow Rimfire rifles to shoot the same targets along with the centerfire rifles.  We do not turn anyone away.   Rifles must be able to hold 5 rounds and be reloadable.  We shoot a 200 yard target reduced to 100 yards (perspective).   What started as “Garand” matches were opened up to include the various “as issued” Vintage Military rifles.  These matches are shot prone, sitting or kneeling, and offhand (standing), and include slow and rapid timed fire.  The Rimfires were added to give them more opportunities to shoot at 100 yards.  Rimfires at 100 yards generally use a target grade ammunition, and a good spotting scope helps to see your hits on the target.  It takes around 50 rounds to complete a match, including sight-in.  These matches can take around three hours, because of the equipment set up.

  • The 600 yard range is closed UFN.

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