Nebraska Firearms Owners Association

The NFOA is the ENGC and NMA’s supported SINGLE voice for all NE Gun Owners. The NFOA and NFOA-PAF deal with NE Legislative gun rights issues.

See: http://nebraskafirearms.org/

Please join the NFOA as NFOA membership is FREE.  The NFOA does need and accept donations to function. We operate on what money is donated to us voluntarily. http://nebraskafirearms.org/contribute/

Thank you for your interest in the NFOA.  Your information will remain completely confidential. NFOA will never release member information, nor will we contact you for anything other than important announcements or for voting purposes.

All voting for NFOA actions will be conducted online via the NFOA Forums. Association Members must also register on the NFOA forums to access the Full Members Forum where the voting is conducted.

All applications are screened by our Membership Coordinator and all bogus applications are simply deleted.

Non-Nebraska resident applications for associate membership are accepted, but associate members will have no voting rights. They will receive email alerts only.

See: http://nebraskafirearms.org/join-the-nfoa/

NFOA membership is open to all types of firearms owners as long as you are a resident of the state of Nebraska. Whether you are a trap shooter, long-range rifle shooter, concealed handgun permit holder, air gun, rifle and or shotgun hunter, NFA firearms enthusiast or belong to any other group of firearms owners, you are welcome to join our organization.

We are Nebraska firearms owners who have a personal interest in representing firearms owner’s rights in Nebraska. While there are much larger firearms owner groups and lobbyists, we have a personal stake right here in fighting for our own rights. We do not have big money to fly in lobbyists from the coasts. We do not have the money to wine and dine Legislators. We are just everyday normal Nebraska residents like you who want our voices to be heard by the various Nebraska State Senators / our legislative law makers.