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The pistols matches we enjoy at ENGC today are based on the annual Swiss pistol matches conducted by the Swiss Armed Forces each year, and widely embraced by the local Swiss citizenry.  Swiss citizens who complete their active duty military time are offered an opportunity to purchase their pistols and maintain them at home, along with their issued rifles, for national defense in an emergency.  The rich tradition of shooting in Switzerland means that many citizens fire in annual pistol requalification matches, and celebrate shooting competitions at festivals.    

We shoot three courses at ENGC.  One is the same course of fire required for the annual requalification by the Swiss Army, and is approved by the Swiss Shooting Federation. The next is a modified course approved by the Swiss Canadian Mountain Range Association.  We are sponsored by both of these organizations.  The final course is a special 50-meter Nebraska course based on one of the Swiss Army courses, and initially approved by a Swiss organization affiliate.  Our members can earn beautiful qualification award medals which are presented at an annual awards dinner.

For more details on the courses of fire, allowed equipment, match procedures and schedule, please see the match program at the link above.