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About Trap Shooting

NOTE: As of January of 2020 - the ENGC has suspended the Trap Program.

If you would like to volunteer to run the ENGC Trap Program, please contact an ENGC Board Member.

Trap Shooting was originally developed as a way to practice for bird shooting, and did at one time use live birds, pigeons, as targets.  Later glass balls and eventually clay targets, or clay pigeons, came into use.

Today’s 3 most common shotgun shooting sports include trap, sporting clays, and skeet.   Eastern Nebraska Gun Club currently offers trap shooting throughout the shooting season, typically on Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Trap shooting is a shotgun shooting sport were as many as 5 shooters line up and, one at a time, shoot at flying clay targets mechanically  launched on command (at varying angles) from the “traphouse” in front of them.    Some targets, singles, are thrown from a distance of 16 yards from the shooter, however in the handicap event that yardage is increased, from 18 yards up to 27 yards, depending on the shooter’s ability.  The third event in a trap shooting program is the doubles event, where 2 targets are launched at the same time and the shooter tries to break both targets with 2 shots before the target reaches the ground.  A very fast paced and fun event.

To start out in trap shooting any shotgun will do.  But  today’s dedicated trap guns include long barrels, which aid in the sighting process, and adjustable, or custom fitted, stocks, so that shooters can adjust their guns to “shoot where they look”.  High-end guns may have removable trigger groups, several sets of barrels sighted to shoot to the same point of impact, custom made fully adjustable stocks and barrel ribs, changeable chokes, beautiful wood and exquisite engraving and finish, and fitted cases.  Prices may run between $500 and $25,000.

Standard trap guns are almost always 12 ga, and utilize loads of not more than 1 1/8 oz. of lead shot, generally #7  1/2 or #8 in size.  While the early trap shooters were proficient with side by side double barrels, the Winchester Model 12 ushered in an era of single barrel guns.  Today a trap line will see lots of break open single shots, over and under doubles, semi-autos and a pump or 2.  Browning makes a BT99 model that has taken a large share of today’s trap gun market.

The most widely accepted governing body for Trap shooting is the ATA, Amateur Trapshooting Association, with the big annual shoot, the Grand American, being held in Sparta Illinois each summer.

It is a very challenging sport and given the hill-top location of the trap range, and the varying shapes and colors in the background, many an experienced shooter has come away feeling “challenged”. Trap shooting can be a humbling AND a rewarding challenge. 

We have a mechanical thrower at the trap range facility, that’s for use by all members.