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Hi, my name is Beckie Fletcher, assisted by Rich Simandl and Jeff Stumpf. I am the event coordinator for the youth and women at ENGC.  This year we are continuing to grow our NRA YHEC program. YHEC stands for Youth Hunter Education Challenge.

Most clubs do a one all day event but we thought we might reach more kids (with their parents) in smaller classes.  The first 3 Thursdays in June from 6 to 8 p.m. we have a class on safety and hunting on pistol bay 5.  We go over the whys, hows and whats of hunting. The club has 8-22 caliber rifles and 8-20 gage shotguns and a couple of BB guns we use.  Some club members have black powder guns and bows they bring to show and tell how they work.

We talk about camping and a lot about safety!  This is a NRA event so I have books for the kids and they get T-shirts.

The classes are $10 per child per class for ages 18 and under. They can come to just one or all 3!  I try to break things up with different add ins each week but stay flexible to what the kids want to know.

One of our coaches used to be with NE. Game & Parks, others are seasoned hunters, all are well trained in gun safety!

Parent consent forms and registration forms are available and I can come talk about the program in person if you or a group would like.

If emailing, please put YHEC in subject line, Thank-you.

My answering machine is 712-256-1236, email: elizabeckie@msn.com

Rich Simandl contact is 402-676-6615 (leave voice mail), or tobydog4@cox.net