Eastern Nebraska Gun Club

Shooting Terms

ACP – Automatic Colt Pistol
AD – Accidental Discharge
AE – Action Express
ANIB – As New In Box
ANSI – American National Standards Institute
AOW – Any Other Weapon
AP – Armor Piercing
API – Armor Piercing, Incendiary
APT – Armor Piercing, Tracer
ATA – Amateur Trap Association
AW – Automatic Weapon
AWB – Assault Weapons Ban
BAR – Browning Automatic Rifle
BATF – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
BATFE – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
BBL – Barrel
BBWC – Beveled Base Wad Cutter
BC – Ballistic Calculator
BC – Ballistic Chart
BC – Ballistic Coefficient
BEB – Brass Enclosed Base
BFG – Big F’in’ Gun
BHP – Browning Hi Power
BMG – Browning Machine Gun
BP – Black Powder
BPCR – Black Powder Cartridge Rifle
BPE – Black Powder Express
BR – Bench Rest
BT – Beaver Tail (forend)
BT – Boat Tailed
BUG – Back Up Gun
Cal – Caliber
CAS – Cowboy Action Shooting
CB – Cast Bullet
CC – Concealed Carry
CCH – Concealed Carry Handgun
CCL – Concealed Carry License
CCW – Concealed Carry Weapon
CF – Center Fire
CF – Course of Fire
CFR – Center Fire Rifle
CHL – Concealed Handgun License
CL – Core-Lokt (Remington)
CMP – Civilian Marksmanship Program
COF – Course Of Fire
COL – Cartridge Overall Length
COM – Center Of Mass
CPG – Cheap Plastic Gun
CPL – Concealed Pistol License
CPP – Cheap Plastic Pistol
CQB – Close Combat Battle
CQC -Close Quarters Combat
CUP – Copper Units of Pressure
CWP – Concealed Weapon Permit
DA – Double Action
DAO – Double Action Only
DB – Double Barrel
DCM – Director of Civilian Marksmanship
DD – Destructive Device
DEWC – Double Ended Wad Cutter
DOP – Depth Of Penetration
DST – Double Set Trigger
DT – Double Trigger
EAA – European American Arms (gun maker)
ECI – Empty Chamber Indicator
EDC – Every Day Carry
EIC – Excellence In Competition
ES – Extreme Spread
FA – Full Automatic
FC – Federal Cartridge Corp.
FFL – Federal Firearms License
FL – Firing Line
FMC – Full Metal Case
FME – Full Metal Encapsulated
FMJ – Full Metal Jacket
FMJBT – Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail
FN – Fabrique Nationale (gun maker)
FN – Flat Nose
FOPA – Firearm Owners Protection Act
FP – Flat Point
FPS – Feet Per Second
FTE – Failure To Eject/Extract
FTF – Failure To Feed
ft-lb – foot-pounds
F-Troop – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
GA – Gauge
GAP – Glock Automatic Pistol
GC – Gas Check
GCA – Gun Control Act
GDHP – Gold Dot Hollow Point (Speer)
GI – Government Issue
GOA – Gun Owners Of American
Grs – Grains (unit of weight)
GSSF – Glock Sport Shooting Foundation
H&R – Harrington & Richardson
HBWC – Hollow-Base Wad Cutter
HC – Hard Cast
HCI – Handgun Control Inc (Sarah Brady)
HD – Home Defense
HDC – Home Defense Carbine
HMG – Heavy Machine Gun
HMR – Hornady Magnum Rimfire
HMSA – International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Assoc.
HP – High Power Rifle
HP – Hollow Point
HR – Harrington & Richardson
HS – Head Space
IBS – International Benchrest Shooters
IDPA – International Defensive Pistol Association
Ikes – Izaak Walton League of America
ILA – Institute for Legislative Action (NRA)
IMR – DuPont’s powder prefix
IMR – Improved Military Rifle
IPSC – International Practical Shooting Confederation
IWB – Inside the Waist Band
IWLOA – Izaak Walton League Of America
JFP – Jacketed Flat Point
JHC – Jacketed Hollow Center or Cavity
JHP – Jacket Hollow Point
JPFO – Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
JSP – Jacketed Soft Point
KYPD – Keep Your Powder Dry
LC – Long Colt
LFN – Long Flat Nose
LFP – Long Flat Point
LHP – Lead Hollow Point
LMG – Light Machine Gun
LOP – Length Of Pull
LOS – Line of SightLR – Long Rifle
LRN – Lead, Round Nose
LSWC – Lead Semi-Wad Cutter


LTC – Lead Truncated Cone
LTC – Licensed To Carry
LTCF – Licensed To Carry Firearms
LWC – Lead Wad Cutter
MAG – Magazine
MAG – Magnum
Major Load – relates to load power factor and scoring for non center hits on target, often a one point difference in area of target hit between major/minor loads
MC – Metal Cased
ME – Muzzle Energy
Minor Load – see major load
mm – millimeter (5.56mm, 9mm, etc.)
MOA – Minute Of Angle
MRT – Mid Range Trajectory
MRWC – Mid-Range Wad Cutter
NAA – North American Arms Corp
NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBRSA – National Bench Rest Shooters Association
ND – Negligent Discharge
NEF – New England Firearms (gun maker)
NFA – National Firearms Act
NFOA – Nebraska Firearms Owners Association
NIB – New In Box
NMA – Nebraska Marksmanship Association
NRA – National Rifle Association
NRA HP – National Rifle Association High Power
NRMA – National Reloading Manufacturers Association
NSSF – National Shooting Sports Foundation
O/U – Over/Under (shotgun)
OAL – Over All Length
OBI – Open Bolt Indicator
OC – Open Carry
OCI – Open Chamber Indicator
OH – Off Hand
OPE – Open Point Expanding
OWB – Outside the Waist Band
PB – Lead Bullet
PBR – Point Blank Range
PDA – Personal Defense Assistant (weapon)
PDW – Personal Defense Weapon
PF – Power Factor
PL – Power Lokt (Remington)
PMC – Precision Made Cartridges (Poongsah Corp.)
POA – Point of Aim
POI – Point of Impact
PP Bullet – Paper Patched Bullet
PPC – Pindell-Palmisano Cartridge
PSI – Pounds per Square Inch
PSP – Plated Soft Point
PSP – Pointed Soft Point
QD – Quick Detachable
Rem – Remington
RF – Rim Fire
RKBA – Right to Keep and Bear Arms
RM – Range Master
RN – Round Nosed
RNFP – Round Nosed Flat Point
RNL – Round Nosed Lead
RO – Range Officer
RM – Rail Mount
RS – Rapid fire Standing
RTBV – Refuse To Be a Victim
RTC – Right to Carry
RUM – Remington Ultra Magnum
S&B – Sellier & Bellot (ammo)
S&W – Smith & Wesson
SA – Single Action
SAAMI – Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Inst.
SAF – Second Amendment Foundation
SAK – Swiss Army Knife
SAO – Single Action Only
SASS – Single Action Shooting Society
SB – Small Bore
SBR – Short Barreled Rifle
SD – Self Defense
Sig – SigArms, Inc. (Sig Sauer)
Sighters – shots to mark location on target
SJ – Semi-Jacketed
SJHP – Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point
SJSP – Semi-Jacketed Soft Point
SKS – Samozaryadnaya Karabina Simonova (gun maker)
SL – Solid Lead
SLR – Self Loading Rifle
SMG – SubMachine Gun
SMLE – Short Magazine Lee Enfield Rifle
SO – Safety Officer
SOP – Standard Operating Procedure
SP – Slow fire Prone
SP – Soft Point
SP – Spire Point
SPL – Special
Sprg – Springfield Armory
SPTZ – Spitzer
SRT – Short Reset Trigger
SS – Slow fire Standing
SST – Super Shock Tip (Hornady)
SWAT – Special Weapons And Tactics
SWC – Semi-Wadcutter
SX – Super eXplosive (Hornady)
SxS – Side (by) Side (gun barrels)
SXT – Supreme eXpansion Talon (Winchester)
TAC – Tactical
TAP – Tactical Application Police (Hornady)
TC – Thompson Center Arms (gun maker)
TC – Truncated Cone
TCU – Thompson/Center Upalde
TMJ – Totally Metal Jacketed
TS – Timed Standing
TSW – Team Smith & Wesson
USPSA – United States Practical Shooting Association
USRAC – U.S. Repeating Arms Company
VLD – Very Low Drag
VR – Ventilated Rib
WC – Wad Cutter
WCF – Winchester Center Fire
Win – Winchester
WLN – Wide Long Nose
WLP – Winchester Large Pistol (primers)
WLR – Winchester Large Rifle (primers)
WMR – Winchester Magnum Rimfire
WS – Weaver Stance
WSM – Winchester Short Magnum
WSP – Winchester Small Pistol (primers)
WSR – Winchester Small Rifle (primers)
WSSM – Winchester Super Short Magnum
XTP – eXtreme Terminal Performance (Hornady)
  • The 600 yard range is closed UFN.

    ENGC Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
    Next ENGC Board of Directors Meeting: 6pm, 16 Jan 2018.

    Next ENGC General Membership Meeting: 7pm, 16 Jan 2018.

    Check the Range Schedule (link below) before heading out to the range!

    “The ENGC is an NRA and CMP Affiliated club.”



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